We are a fun and light hearted website that covers music, movies, gaming, television as well as everything that makes us laugh online. The site is a reincarnation of a previous site that used to operate on the same domain – we have rejuvinated it and given it a brand new lease of life!

Movie News and Trailers

We are all tragic movie buffs and love to share all the latest news on the biggest releases or just revisit some classics. Our site has some great movie lists and we, of course, are obsessed with Zombie films, science fiction and the occassional comedy.

Music News

We delve into the strange world of pop looking at the hottest new music as well as some classic tunes that are just soooo hard to get out of your head. We also like to keep an eye out for amazing new talent just waiting to be discovered on the web.

Television News

Who has time for the movies with so many great new television shows being produced these days? We preview great new shows as well as review everyone’s favourite series.


Yes, we love gaming too so we want to share with you the best new games as well as explore classics that should never be forgotten. Have your thumbs worn out too? Then you’ll love our website!

Fun and Funny

Take a break from the serious side of life with our funny memes, videos and photos. We traul the internet to collect all of the best memes and other funny stuff so you don’t have to waste time getting your LOLs.

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